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The Taemin/You Series (2/10)

Fetish (1/1)
nc-17 | taemin/you | 2,988
the skirt only reached mid-thigh at most (of course that was without the breeze, and it was safe to say you had finally found a reason to appreciate the season of fall) and you could barely keep yourself from laughing out loud as you ran a hand up his exposed thigh, giggling as he jumped at the sensation.

cross dressing and public situations. 

You were smirking the whole way to the bus stop, eyes trained on the swoosh of Taemin's skirt as he walked, the frilly short thing flying around his thighs and riding high enough to be a tease when he bent over. You could tell he didn't want this, that he was had passed the point of humiliation and was now rounding the emotional corner toward blatant horror as more and more lecherous gazes drifted his way, taking in those flawless long legs. You couldn't blame them though (all the old and young men staring) because you were honestly doing the same thing, just enjoying the smooth endless expanse of them, the way his calf muscles shifted with each move he made. Borderline obsession you knew but couldn't bring yourself to give a fuck.

He was all dressed up because of you (because you’d pleaded so nice and pretty and had even brought up the ‘taboo pirate incident’ which he would never ever live down and so, therefore, gave in), decked out in a thin, plain white tee that was tucked into a waist high, flowing blue skirt that hovered around his pale legs, thin black suspenders connected to it, expanding over his broad chest and shoulders. The skirt only reached mid-thigh at most (of course that was without the breeze, and it was safe to say you had finally found a reason to appreciate the season of fall) and you could barely keep yourself from laughing out loud as you ran a hand up his exposed thigh, giggling as he jumped at the sensation.

“Stop,” he murmured voice higher than usual, breathy in the way he spoke in a near whisper so that no one would pick up on the fact that he was male. It really was hard to believe you realized as you stared up into his pretty face. His cute little eyes were lined with kohl, making the molten brown of them appear even more vibrant, framed by long, mascared lashes. His cheeks were impossibly rosy from a mixture of constant embarrassment and the blush you’d applied to them not much earlier, glossy lips shining in the sunlight, and if it wasn’t for the sharp curve of his jaw you wouldn’t have believed this was the man you’d dated for the past three years of your life. His hair had already been perfect, grown out long enough to barely graze his shoulders, chopped and uneven with shaggy bangs falling into those sparkling eyes, the caramel shade of it softening his already feminine features and fuck if it didn’t get you wet for reasons you couldn’t understand.

You could feel his apprehension as he boarded the bus, not failing to press his skirt down against the backs of his thighs as he climbed up the stairs into the motorized vehicle, making you frown. You followed perfectly comfortable with your own skirt, too used to it to feel self conscious as you filed in behind him, sitting down in the outer space of the two person bus seating. Taemin wouldn’t look at you, just continued to glare out the window even as you lay your head on his shoulder.

“Are you mad?” you said quietly nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck, hot breath purposefully puffing against his sensitive collarbones, and you could smell the scent of the perfume he had on wafting gently up from that perfect, clear skin, making you want to groan. He looked at you from out of the corner of his eye (trying to be discreet but you saw it) before looking away without a word, pout slowly forming on those full lips that you knew would taste like artificially sweet strawberry.

“Taeyeon…” You breathed, moving to rest a hand on his bare knee, the boy stiffening under your touch. You pressed your own glossy lips to the side of his neck, placing a chaste kiss there and watching his Adams apple bob with satisfaction before you dragged your mouth up until it bumped against the back of Taemin’s ear, lips brushing teasingly along the shell as you said, “Don’t be like this. You’re too pretty to get mad.” Your hand slid up his leg then, finger tips brushing just below the hem of his skirt as he squirmed and shot a nervous a glance around the bus, afraid of on-lookers.

“H-hey, don’t.” His voice had a nervous lilt to it, making your lips spread into a knowing smirk against his skin because you had to wonder if maybe he secretly liked this. You pulled away, leaning back against your seat and turning your head to the side so that you could look at him with wide, innocent school girl eyes as your hand slid just a bit higher, the fabric of his skirt bunching around your wrist.

“Don’t what, Taeyeon?”

Taemin opened his mouth, lips curving and beginning to say your name but you quickly pressed a finger to those soft, wet, plush lips, shushing him with a shake of your head.

“Call me Unnie.”

His eyes widened in disbelief as you dragged your finger deliberately down over his lips, collecting the sweet, glossy moisture there before you stuck it into your mouth, his pretty eyes focusing on the way you sucked the digit and moaned quietly like it was the best tasting candy in the world.

“U-unnie?” he repeated, words choked as he continued to watch your lips drag over that slender finger until it was out of your mouth, the distraction giving you time to lean in just a little bit closer so that your noses bumped, hand inching higher up that chic skirt and fingers smoothing over his toned inner thigh repeatedly until you felt his legs quake a little at the ticklish sensation.

“Mhmm…” the word was a hum. The way his lips were so close to yours, just hovering but never moving any closer, made them tingle as you glanced around, making sure no one was looking (because you were seated subtly in the very back of the bus when everyone usually sat towards the front to get out faster), the general public too immersed in an iPod or a magazine, before you leaned in and kissed him. Taemin’s lips were soft and warm, your mouths melting together in a mess of sleek, sweetness as his large hand moved to cup your jaw. Your tongue slid out against the seam of that glossy cavern and you barely held in a moan at the taste of him, at the contradiction of sugary lips and rough hands and you just couldn’t help yourself as your fingers brushed the crotch of his extra short and tight white briefs.

He gave a startled gasp, and you liked the way his reactions had become noticeably more feminine, whether it was because he was getting into the act or because he didn’t want people to know she was actually a he you weren’t sure, but you still enjoyed ever damn second of it as you squeezed him through his underwear and he whimpered almost inaudibly into your mouth, long fingers combing through your hair.

“U…unnie,” the word was hissed, forced out of his mouth by the fact that anyone could over hear you (and you knew for a fact Taemin would rather be caught as a lesbian than as a cross dresser), but the sound of it made heat tingle between your legs as your eyes got all hooded, long lashes fluttering when desire shot through you at the look of his gorgeous face, cheeks flushed with indignation and want. You kissed him silent again; protests lost to your wet tongue gliding over his as you slowly began to rub him through the material of his briefs, drawing noises from the back of his throat that you felt more than heard. He broke the rules a little, using his completely male strength to put distance between your faces even as you let out a little whine at the loss of contact (but fuck if the contradiction of feminine beauty and strong forearm muscles wasn’t turning you on), his hand curling around the back of your neck and just under your chin to keep you still as he whispered, “Not here.”

Scowling slightly, you let your hand drag down along his clothed erection before giving a little squeeze to his balls, the action making his mouth fall open with a groan, grip loosening just enough so that you could lean in and bury your face into the crook of his neck. You breathed in deep, taking in the soft flowery scent that had been sprayed onto his skin, the way that odor curled and mixed with the familiar smell of his aftershave, making you feel lightheaded. People glanced up at the sound, eyes flickering over the both of you briefly, but they paid no heed because what could two innocent looking girls be doing in the back of a bus together? The thought had your lips curling into a smirk, pink gloss smearing along Taemin’s pale neck with the act.

“But I want to here,” You purred back, teeth nipping at his pierced earlobe before your tongue darted out to toy with the diamond stud. “I want to make your legs tremble, Taeyeon…” He shuddered violently as your sensual tone wrapped around him and made his eyelids flutter, the hot feeling of your breath ghosting along his sensitive ear forcing him to grip at the rounded edges of the bus seat armrests for fear of losing control and bending you over, fucking into you until he was satisfied, public or not (and you knew how far you were pushing him, how close he was to snapping, you could see it in his eyes).

You nuzzled your face against the soft, cascading caramel of his hair, the hand not under his skirt rubbing up and down his arm as if you were just comforting a friend, finger nails raking teasingly down his pale skin again and again as Taemin tried to breathe. “I want to watch you shake and come all over yourself, right here.” The words were dark even though the look on your face was still innocent, your tongue tracing the jutting line of his right collarbone as your eyes glanced up at him wide and naïve (like you didn’t know that every move you made was tearing him to fucking pieces) while you squeezed his thick cock, satisfied with the way his breath hitched and his hips jerked, pretty little brown eyes darting around nervously to make sure no one was watching – really, Taemin could be so cute sometimes. You bit that prominent bone structure then, knowing how bad it turned him on, until he was refocused on you and the crowd had faded into the background. “Can you do that for your Unnie?”

Taemin bit his lower lip, teeth sinking into the deliciously plump flesh as you watched, licking your own lips like you wanted to get a taste before he was shaking his head slowly from side to side in a no, hair tickling where it brushed your cheek. You could feel a pout tugging at your mouth, but you fought the urge to give in because you finally had your very gorgeous, very stubborn boyfriend right where you wanted him and you weren’t about to give that up now. So you ignored his refusal, fingers inching under the elastic band of his underwear, sliding over the bare skin there feather light before your hand was sneaking further down, little hand wrapping around his dripping cock. He barely stifled a moan, head tilting back against the cushioned head rest of the seat as he struggled not to arch his hips into your vice like grip. You pumped your hand up and down his shaft, eyes taking in the sight of his beautiful legs trembling with the effort to not move, to not thrust up whorishly into temptation and you’d never felt so fucking satisfied in your life.

“So,” You began confidently, beaming a smile at a little old lady who was squinting back at you from near the front of the bus, she smiled back, gave a wave and turned back toward the window to look out at the passing scenery. “How about now, Taeyeon?” You flicked your finger over the head of his aching dick repeatedly until he had to bury his face into your shoulder, breathy moans muffled into the material of your blouse. Taemin shook his head again, no doubt smearing eyeliner all over your expensive shirt, but you couldn’t give a shit as you squeezed the base hard before ever so slightly scraping a finger nail over his slit, knowing it’d drive him insane. And it did, your boyfriend keening quietly into your ear as his hips jerked and his thighs quivered, precum starting to leak all over your hand, lubricating the continuous up and down slide.

“Do you want to come, Taemin?” The words were a low murmur as he continuously shook against your side from the strain of not being able to cry out, fuck up into your hand, anything. The sound of his real name coming from your sinful lips seemed to make something in him snap as he began to press frantic, wet kisses up your neck, your hair falling like a dark curtain to hide his face as he nuzzled just below your ear, tongue sliding along the ridge until you gave a soft moan. He was nodding again (this time in that up and down ‘yes’ motion you’d been longing for), hand wrapping around your wrist and giving a warning squeeze.

“F-fuck, m-mmngh- make me come.” His voice was husky but there was still that breathy, girly pitch that fucked with your mind and made you ache between your legs, and you couldn’t help but comply, just a little, speeding up your hand as you turned your head to the side, face pressing into his hair as he bit your shoulder to keep from mewling.

“What do you say?” You reminded him breathlessly, watching through glazed eyes as the skirt moved and shifted with every jerk of your hand, Taemin’s legs spread unlady-like and obscene. Taemin was silent for a moment, the only thing between you two the soft sound of slapping skin and his shallow breaths before he swallowed his pride (because it still just wasn’t enough), voice weak and desperate.


You thumbed the head of his cock and he let out a little mewling gasp under his breath, eyes dilating until they were pitch black as he stared at you like some sort of blissed out goddess. You had won and the smirk your lips turned up into said so but by then Taemin was too far gone to care anyway.

“Please what?”

He let out a groan then, loud and shameless and you pushed your free hand over his mouth, muffling it before anyone on the bus could be alerted, eyes narrowing warningly as you let him go. Taemin didn’t care, rocking his hips up into your steady grip as he tossed his head back, spine arching off the back of his seat and you could almost see how tight he was strung up, how close he was as he stared at you with dazed eyes, jaw slack.

“P-please, Unnie? Please, please, fuck, I need it.” Heat licked at your insides at the begging but mostly at the word you had been waiting for, eyes focused on the way his lips curved around each of the syllables, his voice raw from want. The rush it gave you, the power you felt as he waited, touched out and so, so needy; you just couldn’t’ stop yourself as you leaned in and bit harshly at the sharp angle of his jaw.

“Fucking say it again.”

Your hand squeezed him just right, middle finger rubbing against the sensitive spot just below the head of his dick where the base connects until he tensed up, froze and came with deep sigh.

Unnie…” Warm stickiness spilled over and onto your hand, your fingers stroking Taemin’s cock until he slumped down into his seat, breathing hard and looking thoroughly disheveled. You pulled out some tissues from your purse, wiping your hand clean before offering some to the cross dressing boy, lips quirking with amusement as he flinched, lower lip quivering slightly at how sensitized his cock was.

The whole five minute walk to his apartment was hilarious, Taemin never free of your knowing stare as he ambled ahead of you awkwardly, fuming slightly because you were taking sick pleasure in the fact that with every step he took his skirt brushed against his pelvis, rubbing his spent and receptive cock and making his eyes water slightly at the sensation. Once inside the safe haven of his home, he ripped off the blouse, the skirt and wiped furiously at his face, makeup smudging and leaving trails along his flawless complexion.

“You…” He began, looking over his shoulder to glare, cheeks still rosy pink from his previous humiliation. “Are a sick fuck.”

You gave a breezy laugh in response to his comment, eyes crinkling just a bit as you grinned back at him.

“Not sicker than someone with a pirate fetish.” Your tone was teasing but, if you thought about it too hard (which you did sometimes and instantly regretted), you could vaguely remember that twisted night at Pete’s Pirate Pizza Parlor when Taemin had backed you into the pirate ship room for little kids birthdays and pretended you were a mermaid in need of a captain. You shuddered at the thought; Taemin threw his skirt into your face.

“I hate you.” As he said it, he gave you a lingering look, eyes smoldering before he stormed into your shared bedroom.

You knew this could only mean one thing: round two.

a/n: lol. i see all of you judging me. what is there even to say about this...too many re-watches of him performing genie and too much exposure to cross dressing men i blame you japan. but before you call me weird...there is a warning so...shove it. haha. lately i've become too addicted to writing in 2nd person, better get off it before i get too comfortable. :P 

also, this fic-ish thing is more just a series of one-shots. some may have continuous chapters while others standalone. so yeah...this in no way shape or form connects to the previous installment (cause that would just be wrong. lmao).

other explanations: yes, about...two paragraphs in i thought about making this jongtae because it would work in my mind but it lost the sensuality of it being a girl instead of a guy. imo, it would really take away from the whole thing if it was a guy cause then it would just be rough kinky sex yada yada, all been done before. i didn't want that...and i have a weakness for taemin in a skirt. hush.

oh yeah, this is only beta-ed by my very incopetent self. xD sorry. <3

thanks for reading~ comment pls. :3
- onyx l.s.
Tags: !fanfic, multi-chaptered, pairing: taemin/you, r: nc-17, shinee, standalone
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